Hello Bossling!

Let me guess – you’re likely hear because…

  • Your members and local game-runners call or text message you at odd hours demanding that you to handle their “emergency situation” right away, and you seek to establish healthy boundaries and expectations.
  • Your members accuse you of “not listening” because you made decisions based on the good of the club, and those choices didn’t line up with exactly what they wanted.
  • You spend hours upon hours building policies and procedures to streamline your club, but it feels like no one will actually¬†Read the F*cking Manual.
  • Your members and game runners simultaneously want local games to have the majority of power in the network but the least amount of¬†responsibility (example: expecting national staff to handle local-level mediation or disciplinary¬†investigations).
  • You dread sending out club-wide announcements because of the slew of conspiracy theories, saltposting, and sh*tposting that typically follows.
  • You recognize that your larp has evolved from a hobby to a business, yet you and your volunteers don’t have the skills needed to handle marketing, operations, community engagement, or public relations.

If any of these sound familiar, I’m glad that you are here!

My passion is to help people like you manage the boring or uncomfortable aspects of larping so that you can go back to focusing on creating collaborative storytelling experiences.

The doors to our online school are opening soon

There currently is no “business school for larp”, and we want to change that. Be the first to find out about resources to help you improve your larp experience – geared towards network organizers.

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