Welcome Bossling!

I’m going to take a wild guess – you’re here because…

  • You believe that it is important for your game to be accessible, but don’t know what that means or what steps to take to make that happen.
  • You want to accommodate a variety of play-styles and preferences while setting expectations on what your game will focus on. Along those lines, you seek ways to tell participants “this game may not be a good fit for you” without it coming across as social excommunication.
  • You receive phone calls and text messages at odd hours with demands that you handle an “emergency” larp issue right away, and you seek to establish healthy boundaries and expectations.
  • Your players prefer to rant to each other about game but they won’t talk to you directly about what is upsetting or frustrating them.
  • You spent hours upon hours creating plot for your game, only to have your players not engage with it and then complain afterwards about there being nothing to do.
  • You dread sending out announcements about rules changes because of the slew of conspiracy theories, saltposting, and sh*tposting that typically follows.
  • You recognize that your larp has evolved from a “group of friends who game” to a business with real expenses, yet you and your volunteers don’t have the skills needed in marketing, operations, community engagement, or public relations to make it thrive.

If any of these sound familiar, I’m glad that you are here!

My passion is to help people like you manage the boring or uncomfortable aspects of larping so that you can go back to focusing on creating collaborative storytelling experiences.

The doors to our online school are opening soon

There currently is no “business school for larp” and we want to change that! Be the first to find out about resources to help you improve your larp experience – geared towards game-runners.

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